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  •  The “Lourdes Bounty” Garden
           A Ministry of the Parish   TIME FOR 2018-19 DUES!

    The Garden is entering its third year and has produced more than 930 pounds of vegetables to donate to Plant a Row for the Hungry.  We also donate to CPO. Annual Dues are due now.       Families who pay $10/year and invest 10 hours of volunteer  time over the fiscal year                              may pick from the garden as inventory allows.  Duties vary, all are needed!                        Please send dues to:  Dorothea Bitler, Garden Treasurer,  1005 Blenheim Dr., Raleigh, NC  27612.  Questions?  Contact Dorothea, bitler82@gmail.com or 
                                  Greg Estrella, Garden Chairman, greg.estrella@gmail.com.                                                                               We meet in the garden on Tuesday afternoons, 4-5 and on                                     Saturday mornings  9-11 (summer hours).